RoNo☆Cro「ABGD~愛のカタチ~」/ A Form of Love (Kanji & Romaji & Translation)


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I can die happily now *v*

New cds!! ❤️ And they continue to send this free magazines xD 

すごい!!!!*A* <3
Crafting at 1 a.m. but it’s finished! 👻
MEJIBRAY - 枷と知能‐それってとても人間らしいって神様は笑ってるの
Watching the GazettE 10th anniversary live! (≧▽≦) 💖
Let’s try!
  • Tsuzuku: But I wonder if having that feeling of suffering go away is actually a bad thing. Because we're living, and that's painful. So being able to feel pain is something to be happy about, right? Because it's not like we are here to stay.
  • Tsuzuku: It's great being able to think about「What does it mean to be alive?」You probably won't get an answer, but using your head like this, trying to understand the meaning of your own existence might be what living is about, and that's a great thing. It's human. Very.
  • Tsuzuku: I hope a time will come when I'll be able to face every day with a smile. I hope a time will come when I'll be able to take away painful and difficult things with a smile. I think about that every day...✡Let there be light for everyone.
  • Reita: When I want something, looking for it is super fun! But the moment I buy it, I stop caring about it... My personality is fucking crazy.
It really helped me to smile. Write this and listen my favourite happy song!! Thanks ronocro ❤️ 
Sembra Uta ❤